Friday, 2nd of August

19:00 Pre-conference meeting at Püssirohukelder pub

Saturday, 3rd of August

11:00Registration opens

12:00Welcome video

12:10 Alexander Chanadiri, Welcome to the University slides video

12:20 Dermot McNally, A word from OSM Foundation slides video

12:30 Maxim Dubinin, OpenStreetMap address base: ready for prime time? slides video

We have now completed several projects that involved geocoding significant amount of addresses using OpenStreetMap's address base. I will try to answer the question how suitable OSM address base is for such activities.

Results from OSM will also be compared to other services. Who will win?

12:50 Jerry Clough, Gone Shopping: detailed retail mapping slides video

In the spring of this year I have mapped the vast majority (>95%) of shops and retail areas in Nottingham, the 8th largest retail centre in the UK, serving a market of around 1 million people. In addition I have repeated the exercise for a Maidenhead a town of 70,000 which is only a local shopping centre.

Comprehensive mapping of retail outlets allows a more rigorous analysis of OSM data, with significant implications for how we should collect and map data for shops. These include: better support from mapping tools (particularly for mapping change), defining a usable classification for retail areas, and improving consistency in tagging.

These need to be cross-checked for different countries, so I hope this provokes extensive contributions from other participants.

13:10 Vladimir Elistratov, Open 2.5D maps: concepts and rendering pipeline slides video

13:30 Kadi Kenk, World Cleanup and World Waste Map slides video

The presentation will be giving an overview of a world-wide civic movement Let's Do It! World Cleanup and the World Waste Map that is used as a tool for the organisers of cleanup events to raise awarness about dump-sites, facilitate the planning of logistics and the need for volunteers with whos help the project aims to clean up illegal dump sites.


15:00 Jaak Laineste, OpenStreetMap in Estonia slides video

15:20 Marek Kleciak, OpenStreetMap in Poland slides video

The Polish community founded about two years ago, "Stowarzyszenie OSM Polska", an NGO that represents the interests of the community in discussions with authorities and organizations. The step was a complete success:
The community is taken seriously ("a contact person with address, phone number and tax card") and can perform coordinated actions that were previously impossible.

15:40 Vladimir Elistratov, OpenStreetMap in Russia slides video

Overview of OpenStreetMap in Russia: community life, business with OpenStreetMap in Russia, media coverage

16:00 Pekka Sarkola, OpenStreetMap in Finland slides video

Presentation will include current status of OSM activities in Finland. Covering also current Open (geo)Data actions and policies.

16:20 Discussion panel on imports and community video

17:00Coffee Break

17:30 Marek Kleciak, Micromapping and 3D modelling slides3d slidesmm video

The OSM community is growing and looking for new challenges. Maps are detailed, 3D models are emerging.
  1. Micromapping: what is it?
  2. 3D Modelling. Approaches, existing solutions and needs.
The presentation describes the opportunities and challenges associated with both aspects.

18:10 Ilya Zverev, Eyes on the road: Mapping while driving slides video

It's easy to collect data for the map on feet or while cycling: the process is familiar and fully described. It's somewhat harder for car passengers. And almost impossible for drivers, because one second of lost attention may cost them their lives. But there is a way, which requires some wiring, an Arduino and a JOSM plugin. In this talk we will discuss OpenSurveyor project and how its foundations extend our options of collecting field data.

18:30 Arvo Krikmann, Jokes about Estonians slideseng slidesrus video

18:50Social Event

Sunday, 4th of August

9:30 Susanna Ånäs, Wikimaps workshop (please read the project page) video

I will present the proposal for a new environment in Wikimedia for historical maps, the Wikimaps. The planned steps are:
  1. Map mass uploads for memory institutions
  2. Adding geolocation to maps in Commons (georeferencing tool)
  3. Starting a web mapping service in Wikimedia
  4. Collaboratively vectorizing old maps (with OHM preferably)
  5. Creating a spatiotemporal gazetteer in Wikidata
  6. Map mashup tools in Wikimedia (languages, thematic data, timeline animations, historical geometries...)
I would like to arrange a collaborative brainstorming session about the environment together with the participants

10:30Coffee Break

11:00 Manuel Hohmann, Navit - Open Source Navigation using OpenStreetMap slides video

Navit is an open source navigation program, which (among other map formats) is mostly oriented towards using OpenStreetMap data. Its primary design goals include modularity and portability. Currently Navit runs on Linux, Windows, Android and iOS, and can be used on various devices, from laptops, tablets and smartphones to TomTom's navigation hardware and the Raspberry Pi.

My talk will be a brief introduction to Navit, its basic concepts, development status and usage.

Since Navit is under active development, feedback from users is always welcome. Asides the talk I can provide live support for installation and usage.

11:20 Kirill Bondarenko, OSM and CityGuide. Quality Assurance for Navigation Software slides video

I will describe our practices of usage of OSM data for navigation (routing) software.

11:40 Kirill Bondarenko, Overview map for routing. Generalization of the routing map slides video

CityGuide software uses overview maps to create long distance routes. Row osm data is not quite suited for this purpose.

Overview map needs simplified road graph. I will describe algorithm and software to create generalized routing map.

12:00 Evgen Bodunov, Map Rendering using OpenGL ES 2.0 slides video

I am going to share my experience in optimizing the huge data processing on mobile devices that I have received during developing my own map render with OpenGL ES 2.0. My presentation will include a brief overview of some interesting and specific issues I faced:


13:20Lightning Talks:

Ilya Zverev, What is OpenSurveyor? slides video

Vahur Puik, Ajapaik: Where is history located? video

Manuel Hohmann, What is Country, What is Town? video

Philipp Kandal, Enhancing the OSM maps with Floating Car data probes video

Vladimir Elistratov, Digital Field Papers slides video

Svjatoslav Mikhailov, Project Estonia and Videomapping video

Jerry Clough, Using OSM data for data mining slides video

14:30Final words and departure for the boat video

15:00Boat Trip video©Henk

17:00Conference ends

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